I moved from a reseller account to a VPS Tuesday night, almost the full 72 hours ago. The reseller DNS was on Axislayer reseller DNS system but seen as ns1/2.my domain.org . My new DNS is also known as ns1/2.my domain.org

Its been nearly the full 3 days and while DNS for my website seems to be resolving to the new machine properly (based on expected traffic as well as my own experience) mail seems to be a problem.

On my email I'm getting all of my legitimate emails, but the enormous amount of spam is split between the old and new server.

Is this still a propagation issue, or is it possible the still alive OLD DNS server is somhow being looked at during resolution?

I really don't wanna bug support if it's just a matter of waiting some more. Maybe her boss' DNS cache only gets refreshed once a year.lol