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Thread: Logging in via root access

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    Question Logging in via root access

    I know this is a newbie question, and I am new to the dedicated server stuff, so...

    I have a potential client that is considering moving to Axislayer, but they currently host elsewhere. Their host provided me with a root access username and password, but I don't know how to login via this information.

    I thought it would simply be via Telnet or SSH, but it never lets me in via this method (I even tried via FTP).

    Am I not using the correct type of software to do this or is the host just giving me problems to I can't help this potential client?

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    If the dedicated server isn't hosted with Axislayer right now, no one here will probably be able to help you. It sounds like an issue you'll have to take up with the other host.

    The most common ways of accessing a site remotely are telnet, ssh, or ftp. There are others, such as samba, or nfs, but those are usually blocked at routers (so the packets can't pass outside the organization that hosts the server's nework) for security reasons. Also, make sure you are typing the username and password correctly--they probably are case sensitive.

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