I just wanted to make everyone aware of a recent phishing scam we have seen going out to users claiming to be from Axislayer.com. The email asks for you to confirm your FTP login credentials and is not something we have sent out, the body of the email looks a bit like this :

Dear user of the Axislayer.com,
Due to the system maintenance, we kindly ask you to take a few minutes to confirm your FTP details=
Please confirm your FTP details by using the link below:

Again, this is not something we sent out and the link actually points to a different domain with a cpanel.Axislayer A record. We are working with the host who controls DNS for this domain to get this null routed, but please refrain from responding to this message or clicking on the provided link as this is an attempt to gain access to your cPanel account. Please contact our security department if you have any questions or concerns about this or feel free to ask me here in the forums. Thank you.