This announcement serves as an advance notification that we will be performing network maintenance on October 19- July 20th at 12 am CST. Axislayer is once again adding additional network capacity and capabilities. This network wide upgrade will add more bandwidth and power. Additionally, this network wide upgrade will add improved redundancy for all of our systems. The current connection will remain up, and many new ones will be added. The upgrade will prevent one Data Center site from affecting the other while increasing speed and capacity for all users.

We do not at this point expect any downtime but if network connections are intermittent, slow or down during this time period then it will be linked to our upgrades and you can expect normal operations to resume in a short period of time.

Please continue to observe our notices which are sent out as they contain important information which can help you plan and prepare for events which could briefly affect your serverís connectivity and availability.

Axislayer will continue to periodically make changes and upgrades while putting systems into place which will improve your overall hosting experience with us. It is always our intention to plan and prepare our clients for these events. Axislayer goes to great lengths and takes extra efforts and precautions so that our clients will experience no down time.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued consideration that the overall intention of these events is to bring you a better product that will ultimately improve Axislayer service and our hosting plans for you.